Our Services

1. Immigration & Asylum

Wimbledon Solicitors provide one of the most wide-ranging UK Immigration Law services in the world. Our knowledge and experience covers the full spectrum of applications, from complex asylum applications to the most complex immigration matters. All our Immigration specialists at Wimbledon Solicitors are accredited supervisors on the Legal Services Commission Immigration Accreditation scheme. Wimbledon Solicitors routinely assist those for whom English is not their first language.
2. Family Law

Wimbledon Solicitors has an outstanding reputation for expertise in family law matters. We offer advice and representation on all aspects of Family Law which includes Divorce and the financial matters which arise when a marriage breaks down. Our specialist family team can assist you in dealing with your family matters with sensitivity and effectiveness and help you in reaching an agreement without stress and costs of going to court. We are, however, fully equipped to advise on bringing court proceedings if they offer the most sensible method of achieving the desired outcome and will represent you through the proceedings until the matter is finalised at court. Our priority is to address the individual needs of each client, recognising the personal and often delicate nature of the issues involved. 

3. Child Care

We recognise that the interests of children are of paramount importance. The law in relation to Children is very sensitive and requires highest quality of care as the name denotes. At Wimbledon Solicitors, our family law department is equipped to offer our clients the highest quality of legal advice in this area of law. We have a team of solicitors who work exclusively in this area of law. We offer confidential and independent advice, and if the local authority or police become involved, we can act for you or your children.
4. Housing Law 

Housing problems like homelessness, serious disrepair and threat of eviction can be very distressing, especially if you have children.  Our housing law solicitors provide expert advice and representation to tenants and homeowners on a variety of legal issues. Legal Aid is available for our specialist housing law service.

Housing problems we can help with

  • Disrepair
  • Possession proceedings
  • Housing issues
  • Illegal eviction
  • Homelessness

Please contact us on 020 8767 0800 / 020 8543 3302 to speak to our expert solicitors in any of the above-mentioned matters.