Refugee and Asylum Law

If you are already in the UK and fear to return to the country of your origin, or wish to remain in the UK due to compelling and compassionate circumstances, Wimbledon Solicitors makes sure that you are not returned to the country you fear to return to and provides assistance for you to remain in the UK for your safety.

We assist and represent asylum seekers from all nationalities from initial applications to Appeals.

As a publicly funded firm (Legal Aid) we are able to provide legal representation at no cost to you in the following matters.

We assist asylum seekers in :

  • Assessing their claims, organising thoughts, preparing for Screening Interviews
  • Booking appointments to make asylum applications at the Asylum Screening Unit of the UKBA
  • Preparing for comprehensive statement of claim
  • Preparing for substantive interviews
  • Discuss the UKBA decision in detail
  • Submission of Appeal to the Tribunal
  • Case Management Hearings
  • Preparing witness statements to the Tribunal
  • Representing Appeals at the Tribunal
  • Applications for permission to the Tribunal
  • Permission hearings at the Tribunal
  • Permission applications to the Court of Appeal
  • Permission hearings at the Court of Appeal
  • Challenging unlawful detention
  • Bail Applications
  • Challenging unlawful removal through Judicial Review to the High Court
  • Injunctions preventing unlawful removal from the UK
  • Human Rights Applications
  • Fresh Asylum Applications
  • Applications under legacy

We are proud to announce that we have a very high success rate in asylum appeal and Fast Track Appeals.