Our Fees

Our Fee

Legal Aid:

As a Legal Aid franchised firm we aim to deal with all possible and qualified legal matters in Asylum, Immigration, Family Law, Child Care, and Housing Law matters under the Legal Aid. To check your entitlement to public funding, please contact our offices on 020 8767 0800 / 020 8543 3302 where we would be able to assess your financial means and merits of your legal matter and inform you whether you qualify for legal aid or not.

For further details please visit: www.legalservices.gov.uk

Paying Privately:

If your case is not covered by Legal Aid, we will inform you in the first possible opportunity and advise you of our professional charges on a private basis. We will make sure that our professional fee (fee) is competitive and provide good value for money. Fee arrangements are discussed and agreed with you at the initial consultation and you will be kept up to date of the costs throughout the term of the case. We are willing to work according to your own choice in terms of fee i.e. working on hourly rates of fixed fee.

If you would like further information on our fee structure for our services, please contact our offices and we can provide you with a written estimate of the costs of our current charges and terms of business.

We accept payments by cash, cheque or bank transfer.

For further information please contact us on 020 8767 0800 / 020 8543 3302.