Managed Migration

With our extensive legal knowledge and experience in managed migration matters we ensure to provide you the best advice whether you are a private individual or a business client.

A dedicated caseworker will guide you to the correct type of visa/immigration application that meets your requirements and needs. We will provide you detailed information on your supporting documentation. Once your application is submitted to the UKVI, our solicitors regularly monitor the progress and manage the conduct of your application and provide you with an update on a regular basis.

We also provide same day service (Premium Service) of submitting your application at the Public Enquiry Office for the same day decision.

We have a highly trained team to deal with the following matters :

  • Tier 1 – Points Based Scheme– This is a rebranded version of dealing with Highly Skilled Migrants and includes Post Study workers, General includes High Skilled Migrants, Entrepreneurs and Investors
  • Tier 2 – Sponsorship of a Non-EU Migrant Worker (General & ICT )
  • Tier 3 – The third tier of the new points based UK visa service is designed to cater for people immigrating to the UK in order to perform temporary low skilled work
  • Tier 4 – Adult and Child Student Applications
  • Tier 5 – Youth Mobility and Temporary Workers
  • Sole representatives
  • Intra-company transfers
  • We advise on business immigration issues
  • Points Based System (PBS) Appeals
  • Sponsorship Licence Applications on behalf of Employers in the UK
  • Dependant’s applications of Point Based Scheme migrants
  • Marriage applications, civil partnership applications, unmarried and same sex partner applications
  • Applications for family members and dependants and visitor applications
  • Extension of Leave
  • Indefinite Leave to Remain
  • All types of Entry Clearance Applications including Sole Representatives and Domestic Workers
  • Association Agreement Applications – Particularly under the Ankara Agreement
  • Applications under European Union Legislation
  • Applications for British Citizenship.

Please contact us on 020 8767 0800 for a free initial advice.