Judicial Reviews

Judicial Review is a process of making an application to the Upper Tribunal – IAC (previously to the Administrative Court/ High Court)  for a quashing order or to challenge the decision of the Home Office or the Asylum and Immigration Tribunal. Judicial Review can only be exercised where there is no right of appeal and rights of appeal have been exhausted.

Judicial Review applications are made to the Upper Tribunal -IAC and hence preparing such application requires specialist knowledge and expertise. This is the reason in most cases, we instruct experienced barristers to draft Judicial Review grounds.

Many clients come to us after being cheated by unscrupulous and unqualified legal advisors. The so called legal advisors charge huge fee from the lay clients even without stating their details to the Home Office / Tribunal.  This means that they are not lawfully representing your case and any further correspondence with the Home Office/ Tribunal must be done by yourself.  We kindly advise you to keep away from such legal advisors.

Sadly, many clients in immigration detention centres facing removal or otherwise make these applications to the Upper Tribunal in desperation, sometime at the advice of their own solicitors. Unfortunately, this would do more damage to your case than any good and adds to your frustration by loosing a chunk of your hard earned money.

We always recommend and advise all concerned to seek proper legal advice before making any applications to the Upper Tribunal for Judicial Review. If you have a decent case, we will submit your application to the Upper Tribunal for Judicial Review with legal grounds, arguing your rights to remain in the United Kingdom in according with the law.

Legal aid is available for assistance in a Judicial Review at Upper Tribunal, but is dependent upon the legal merits of the case and, the income of the applicant.

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