Family Reunion

We specialise in advising and assisting in Entry Clearance/Family Reunion applications.

Preparing and submitting Family Reunion/Entry Clearance applications requires specialist skill, as a simple omission of information may lead to a refusal of Entry Clearance. Why not take advantage of our free legal advice which is aimed to provide you  a clear view of the Immigration Rules and requirements.

We further specialise in dealing with all Entry Clearance refusals and appeals.

The Immigration Rules, Part 8, relating to family, marriage and civil partnerships deals with a range of possibilities for people to join their family members in the United Kingdom. They include:

  • Spouses or civil partners of persons who are settled in the UK.
  • Marriage or civil partnership breakdown
  • Polygamous marriages or civil partnerships
  • Spouses or civil partners of persons with limited leave
  • Fiancé’(e)s or proposed civil partners of persons who are settled
  • Non-marital relationships
  • Children
  • Parents, grandparents and other relatives.

If you are interested to know about your entitlement to join your family member in the United Kingdom why not call us on 020 8767 0800 for a free legal advice.

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