EEA Applications

The main objective of European Community Law (EEA) is that EEA nationals and their family members are entitled to move freely among Member States to work, setup in self employment, retire and study. However, there are restrictions, privileges and associate duties. This makes the EEA law more complicated and complex. This is where we can step in to make sure you understand your special rights and associated duties as members of the European Community.

Wimbledon Solicitors make you understand your rights as an EEA national and Family members under the EC law and deal with the following aspects:

  • Right of admission for EEA nationals
  • Free movement of workers
  • Self employed activities and establishment of businesses
  • Provision of services
  • Right of admission for family members of EEA nationals
  • Initial right of residence for 3 months
  • Residence beyond 3 months
  • Assessment of a qualified person
  • Assessment of a family member of a EEA national
  • Applying for rights of residence
  • Applying for permanent right of residence in the UK

If you are an EEA national or a non-EEA national family member of an EEA national and would like to know more about your rights, please feel free to contact us on 020 8767 0800 for free legal advice.