Divorce / Separation

At Wimbledon Solicitors, Legal Aid is available to deal with most aspects of Family matters. However, if you do not qualify for Legal Aid, we provide assistance on a private basis with a  reasonable professional fee.

A famous saying ‘marriages are made in heaven’ although true, time and unforeseen things behold humankind is more true. Relationship breakdowns although are not unforeseen, are very much emotional and can cripple families. We adopt a constructive and conciliatory approach to resolving family problems arising from relationship breakdown. However, this is balanced with the belief that in appropriate cases we may have to be tough.

Our caseworkers take time to listen to your concerns carefully to provide efficient and effective legal solutions that work. All of our clients are represented by a lawyer who specialises exclusively in family and divorce law and we ensure you have the opportunity to meet with us face-to-face and to speak to us whenever you need to.

We offer expertise in all areas of family and divorce law and issues arising from relationship breakdown, including:

  • Contested divorce proceedings
  • Uncontested divorce proceedings
  • Nullity and Judicial Separation
  • Arrangements for children following a Divorce or Separation
  • financial arrangements on separation and divorce
  • arrangements for children including residence and contact
  • pre-nuptial agreements and pre-civil partnership agreements
  • international aspects
  • child abduction
  • disputes between people who live together
  • collaborative law
  • Inheritance Act disputes
  • Mediation

Contact us on 020 8543 3302  to arrange a confidential meeting with one of our family law solicitors.