Deportation and Removal

We have an experienced and dedicated team of lawyers who can represent you in all types of deportation, removal cases and appeals.

Examples of the types of deportation work we do include:

      • Automatic Deportation following a criminal offence
      • Criminal Court recommended deportation
      • Deportation ‘conducive to the public good’
      • Deportation on National Security grounds (terrorism)
      • Deportation appeals
      • Special Immigration Appeals Commission appeals against deportation or exclusion from the UK
      • Applications to revoke deportation orders
      • Appeals against refusals to revoke deportation orders

If you are facing deportation/removal from the United Kingdom, contact us on 020 8767 0800 / 020 8543 3302

Our dedicated team will be happy to provide you free no obligation advice and will deal with your case free of charge to you if you qualify for public funding.